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# 24 – Little Rhody

Exploring Rhode Island from Block Island to Woonsocket… That’s the goal.

Plymouth, RI (Pictures Courtesy of Paula Hogan)

Often called Little Rhody for being the smallest state in the US, Rhode Island was the first of the 13 original colonies to declare independence from the British.   Also nicknamed The Ocean State for its proportionally abundant shoreline; the state possesses a lot of the colonial charm you find throughout the New England region.  In addition, it is home to a diversity of cultures and ethnic communities that add flavor and rhythm to its petite geographical area.     

I’ve lived in the State of Rhode Island on and off for the past 22 years.  Now, let me just clarify that I first came here when I was a pre-teen so don’t go thinking I am an old lady.  I have dwelled and worked in a few different cities within RI. 

Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport RI

I have watched the transformation of Providence, its capital city, which now boasts a vibrant Downtown area that includes nationally popular Waterfires. Nonetheless, I feel ashamed to admit, there is so much of this little state I have yet to explore. 

I am setting out on a mission to visit at least 3 significant spots in every single city/town of Rhode Island.  Below is a list of the cities and towns which link to their official sites; perhaps you will feel persuaded to visit them as well! 

Also, please leave a comment about what is your  favorite RI spot and/or one place in RI you would love to visit.

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  1. Cynthia madera

    My sisters Melanie and Aileen have gone to Block Island on a middle school trip and absolutely loved it I always wanted to go but never went.:( You do need to go on a ferry though so dont know if you would mind but i here it was fun for them!!!

  2. Carola,

    I love, love, love the Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, It is hard to find but so, so, peaceful. There are NO crowds. A great place to sit and reflect on life. If anyone needs directions, look for the Castle Hill Inn. It is before the restaurant (ask the person at the “guard shack”) up a small path through the woods. So worth the trip if you want peace and tranquility…….


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