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#11 – Bachelor’s Degree

122 Credits Required

70 Credits Achieved

52 Credits Awaiting

Enrolled for:

Spring Semester – Mathematical Reasoning,  3 Credits

I have an Associate’s degree on Business Administration.  Don’t know why I chose this course of studies.  I actually started out by enrolling in Marketing ’cause it sounded nice enough – I had no clue what it really involved.  Then I switched to Entrepreneurship because it seemed to be innovative and for some reason made me feel like I could probably use this degree to change the world somehow, go figure.  I ended up getting a Business Administration degree, just because.   Strangely enough, I have never liked business or selling anything.  I’ve always loved writing, and wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember, but thought I would probably starve as one.  Sadly, my parents never went to college; they didn’t even finish high school, and, although they always encouraged me to go to college; they had no idea on how to guide me on this matter. 

My first year of college was spent at a community school; for my second year I transferred to a private university where I could earn my Associate’s degree while working on my Bachelor’s.  I did very well at both places, made Dean’s List, enjoyed the learning experience and graduated magna cum laude.  However, I had no idea where I was going with my education.  I loved learning; and I wanted to change the world.  That’s all I knew.  Unfortunately, the advisors I met; although very amicable, weren’t very helpful on guiding me to focus in an area of study that was right for me.

I completed the credits needed for my Associate’s, because my plan was always to continue for my Bachelor’s, I declined the invitation to walk on commencement day, and ended up receiving my diploma in the mail instead.  While working on earning the four years degree; I became pregnant and had a change of priorities.  My then boyfriend and I decided to get married; shortly after having Karla (very shortly after; in fact 5 WEEKS after having our first baby) oops, we did it again!  Yes, my daughter is only 10 months and 4 days older than her brother. The marriage took a big hit; we were too young and jumped into this whole deal very unprepared.  Needless to say, it would have been very difficult for me to focus on taking college courses at that time. 

Many years have passed,  and now one of my benefits at work is taking 1-2 university classes per semester, tuition free.  In the four years in which I have had this benefit I have only completed 3 classes.  Not impressive I know.  There have been times when I have enrolled in other classes but ended up dropping them.  Let’s just say being a working single parent is time-consuming on its own without adding college courses to the concoction.  Nonetheless, I really want to complete my Bachelor’s.  This time around I chose Sociology as my course of study, with a focus on Service Learning – a much more enjoyable and suiting career path for me. 

I have decided to give this one a try by enrolling for 1 class per semester and giving it my best effort. thankfully I have slightly over half of the required credits for my degree.  Some family members that have learned of this decision (read my parents) have issued some discouraging statements such as “How long is it going to take you to finish that degree taking 1 class per semester?”  To which I answer “Well, now that I have started, it will probably take me less time than when I was doing nothing about it” or the classic “Sociologists don’t make much money you know” – gotta love them.  However, I feel rather positive about refocusing on my college career and plan to track my progress on this page.

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  1. good for you. i actually got my AA degree in liberal arts because i didn’t know what i wanted to do. then i transferred to university to get a BA in english (creative writing). i had always been pretty good at english and liked writing. getting the BA wasn’t easy, but easy enough. after a few years of working and going nowhere with the degree, i moved back home and got my MBA. it’s like we’re the opposite. anyhow, i’m still trying to find out a good starting point for my career, but it looks like writing is always going to be something i favor. i mentioned in your other post that i’m writing copy. which is ok, but not exactly where i want to be. good luck.

  2. Nice job, keep going!


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