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Capsules with English Subtitles

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It’s always a treat to get to enjoy films in my native tongue, Spanish.  Unfortunately there aren’t many opportunities to do so in RI.  There is the Providence Latin American Film Festival, which showcases a selection of movies made in Latin America by Latinos and Latinas, and comes to Providence for one weekend every year.  This is a fairly recent effort in Providence, which every year I keep trying to get to, but never do.  That is until this year; because thanks to my handy bucket list, my friend Leona and I made our way to the RISD Auditorium today. See, I included this film festival in my places to visit in Providence list, so I persuaded Leona to come along and watch  Cápsulas (Capsules).  This award-winning Guatemalan film, follows Fonsi, a pre-teen boy with a dysfunctional family, who is about to have big revelations and changes in his life. 

I enjoyed the movie. I n my opinion, and according to my taste, it deserves 3.5 stars out of 5.  Now, I will most likely make it to the festival many times in years to come, but for the purposes of my list I am marking this one down as completed.

All the movies were filmed in Spanish and showed with English subtitles. For a complete listing of the films showcased this year click here.


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  1. Have you ever seen the movie Talk to her. I really enjoyed that movie. (don’t remember the Spanish title.)

  2. You are so right Paul; ever since I put exploring RI from A to Z on my list, I have visited many places that are in “my own backyard” but I had been putting off for years!

  3. It’s amazing how a bucket list can encourage you to get things done that you’ve previously put off.


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