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#20 – Writing

 Becoming an accomplished writer got a spot on my list because I truly enjoy writing.  As a child I dreamed of being a famous writer; used to write sappy romantic novels when I was a pre-teen.  During my high school years I composed a short story titled Bad Deeds (rough translation from original Spanish tittle Lo Mal Hecho),  and won a contest with it, so it got published on the national paper.  For some reason I gave up writing for many, many (too many) years; just started blogging this past spring.  It has been really amazing for me just to write again; it’s funny how easily one can forget the things that really bring joy to our lives. 

I recently accepted an offer from my Narrative professor to help me further develop some of my work and am looking forward to getting started. Of course, I will keep you posted.

Steps Taken Towards this Goal:
Started Blogging
– Completed a Narrative Course

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  1. I’ve found that through blogging that I’ve found my passion for writing again. Although I never was as successful as you were in my early years.

    • I have found the same; blogging has been so helpful in many areas, and writing is def. one of them. Right now blogging is fulfilling my writing “needs”, this might evolve into something else in the future but for now is just what I needed.


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