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#4 – Raising Happy Kids

Goal: “Raising Happy, Healthy, Confident, Cooperative, Responsible, and Faithful Children”

I don’t have one heart but two, their names are Karla and Aleck. My desire is to help them become happy, well adapted individuals; I actually understand this as the sole purpose why they were entrusted to me in the first place. 

Now, this is a goal that makes me choke up.  It’s a huge responsibility and I admit it feels overwhelming at times.  My constant strive in life is to be a better parent; to meet my kids’ needs, and I can’t help but feel I am always falling short, just like a juggler that keeps letting some balls fall to the floor. Probably most single mothers would identify with this statement. 

This is why, although I have always been involved in this goal, and am currently making efforts towards it, I had not directly posted about it.  Coming to terms with my expectations of myself as a mother is something I yet have to do.

As my comfort level rises regarding this topic, I will list some of my current activities geared towards this goal: 

Special Dates:
These consist of a few hours of individualized attention I give each of my two children once every other week; in other words, special one-on-one mama time for my beautiful princess, future famous chef, and my budding scientist.  I will occasionally post about these on my blog. 
* Special Date: Swan Ride (Aleck’s turn)
* Special Date: Carousel Village (Karla’s turn)
* Special Date: Brunch and Flowers (Karla’s turn)
* Special Date: Friday Night Live (Aleck’s turn)
* Special Date: Providence Place (Karla’s turn)

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