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Easton Beach, Newport RI

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 My first of 3″official” visits to Newport, RI was concentrated mostly on Easton Beach.  I had been to Newport many times before, but mostly on business related matters.  Went to the casino there a couple of times, but those were in-and-out deals during the night; didn’t get to appreciate the beauty of the city then. 

My cousin Yuddy and her kids had arrived from NJ the previous night in order to spend the weekend with us, since we all wanted to visit Newport this was a very exciting  outing. It was truly a beautiful day, despite the bad weather forecasts; sunny and bright, warm enough but not muggy or humid – just right.  

We didn’t put pressures on ourselves, or the kids, to get there at a specific time and that was terrific. Made it to Easton Beach around 11a.m.;  laid our stuff out on the pale, soft sand.  Yuddy and I positioned ourselves on a couple of beach chairs; the kids immediately went for the water slide.   It turned out to be a happy, laid back kind of day. We had brought snacks and drinks, and we also purchased some fish and chips, plus some  clam cakes at the snack bar; surprisingly enough, the circulating seagulls didn’t bother us for food.

Easton Beach is very pretty, the sand is very light and soft.  Definitely a good choice for a family day.  They have a playground (free access),  a water slide ($6 per kid for the whole day),  and a carousel.  You can rent beach chairs and umbrella’s a the office; and their snack bar menu has many reasonable priced items; both the clam cakes and the fish and chips were very tasty.

It was a great time we had at the beach.  The kids played and got along very well; they did not seem to mind the cold water.  I went up to my thighs in the water but got out quickly; we tropical birds are spoiled with “just right” water temperatures at the beach.  Yuddy played some ball with the kids while I had a chance to catch up on my reading for class.

Around 5pm we headed out of Easton Beach and drove a short distance to catch a boat tour of Newport Harbor.   This was a very nice experience, which lasted about one hour.  During the tour our boat went by Forte Adams, which is a state park; Goat Island, and many impressive privately owned boats.   The blue of the water was much more intense at the harbor than at the beach.   The whites, blues, and reds of other boats made a beautiful contrast.  After the boat tour we were hungry and headed to Newport Creamery of course, where we had a good mix of American fare entrees and Ice Cream for a very reasonable price. 

This was a very good experience, and I am sure we’ll be visiting Newport again this summer.  Easton Beach is very pleasant; the only thing we did not like was the reddish seaweed that seemed to stick to our bathing suits and hair. 

Have you ever visited Easton Beach?  If so, is the sticky reddish seaweed always so prevalent?  What is your favorite Newport beach?

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  1. Rocina Precious

    I have’t been to a New Port beach yet but I think you just convinced me. Sounds like your summer is going well. Sometimes we underestimate just how much fun we can have in our own backyards.
    LOL at: ” we tropical birds are spoiled with ”just right” water temperatures at the beach.” So true!

    • You are so right about neglecting to look at our own backyard for fun, This summer I have been to a few places in RI that I had never been to and I am enjoying it a lot.

      You know it. Caribbean beaches are paradise 🙂


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