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#5 – Growing in Faith

These are the 5 basic initial steps I will be taking towars this goal. More details below.

Excerpts from my post titled  “# 5 (And It’s Not Chanel)”

‘This is one of my ongoing goals, and probably the one in which I am lacking at the most. If you have read my post titled “Measuring Up” you know about my recent struggle to capture my progress on a few of my endeavors. These fall into a category I have called perennial or ongoing. I guess you could say these are qualitative items rather than quantitative. Well, through some comments left by my readers it dawned on me that I need to break down such goals in a way that will make it easier to track my progress. So here’s where I start.”

“…I would like to grow in my spiritual life, as well as to guide my kids in their spiritual paths. I’ve identified 3 basic steps I would like to take in order to begin the pursuit of this goal:

1.Pray once a day: I usually pray with my kids. My reference here is to praying on my own.
2.Get to church once a week: I go through stages where I want to get there at least twice a week and be involved in different ministries, but I only end up burning myself up and dropping everything, then I don’t go at all. It’s just too much on top of all the responsibilities I have. So I finally decided to give myself permission to go once a week, and that will be ok for now.
3.Read the Bible more: I just don’t do much of this one lately; which is absurd since when I do, it provides me with extra strength and wisdom for everyday life.”

“I also feel I should add that I am not getting to church on Sundays. I go on Wednesday nights because it’s family night and that’s when they have “Kids Church” while the grownups get a Bible study guided by the Pastor. Unfortunately on Sundays they don’t have “Kids Church” and my kids aren’t as interested, they get anxious and distracted sitting and listening to the sermon. I know in time they will get acclimated to the “grownups” service, but for me is more important now to keep them interested and engaged in the path of the Lord and I feel Wednesday nights’ programs are doing exactly that. I believe if I went on Sunday mornings and they got bored and uninterested it would be contra productive and a disservice to them. As I see it, the biggest responsibility that God has put on my hands is to guide my children in His path.”

After thinking about this some more, I would like to add 2 items to my list of basic initial steps in pursuit of this goal:

4. Blessing my Children Every Day in the Name of the Lord:  I actually do this twice a day, in the morning and before they go to bed. I have been doing this for a few years now, since I read a great book by Rolf Garborg called The Family Blessing, which I sincerely recommend to you. I want to continue doing it since I believe it’s an important part of their trusting in God.

5. Giving my Weekly Offering at Church:  I tend to give an offering when I visit church; except many times I get there late and the offering has already been collected.  I will make it a point to bring my offering to the office when this happens.

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  1. Wednesday night is perfect – gotta keep the kids interested.

    I don’t think a calendar to track it is the way to go. I would suggest perhaps a section in your blog where you intermittently review and report on your progress on all your bucket list goals.

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree, tracking this particular goal on a calendar would not be helpful. I printed out the 5 bullet points and I will keep them on my dresser as a reminder. I also plan to offer periodic progress reports on the blog as you suggested. Thanks for peeking in.


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