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This is Karla and Aleck’s Space to Post
Their Own Material.  Enjoy!

Aleck's work titled: Black and White - Negro y Blanco

Aleck's work titled: Webpage - Get it?



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  1. Hey sweetie..Cute drawings…yeah there a few things that I loved to do when I was a little girl, like playing with dolls, jacks, hopscotch and of course hide and seek but one of the things that I loved to do was run around in my undies in my yard in DR when it rained and climb up my cherry tree and eat cherries in the rain…those are priceless moments that I will always hold dear to my heart…Cant wait to see you you..lots of XOs to you and your family…

    • Wow, those are priceless memories. You should write them down. You must go back to DR and let your spirit run free, maybe not in your undies… what the heck, why not??

  2. ana luisa almonte

    como pasan los años amiga, quien diria que a estas horas tendrias dos artistas eh?
    jajaja muy lindos.

  3. Cute. I like the message in both stories. Artwork nice too.

  4. This is Karla thanks for reading my story!

  5. Great work Karla & Aleck! I hope to see more of your beautiful work.

    Love you!

  6. moreniralinda

    Great imagination guys!!!! Absolutely love it hope you keep on posting more of these outrageous adventures!!!!! 😉

  7. I am so proud of my kids. They are very creative.


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