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#34 – Volunteering/Donating


We can do no great things, only small things with great love.  ~Mother Teresa 

Once dreamed of changing the world… Now I dream of, and strive towards, changing myself, as this might be the only way to really give something that matters.  I consider myself a decent, caring human being with a sincere concern for the well-being of others.  Have always tried to do my part in helping out; recently I’ve felt the need to be a bit more committed in this area.  Since I am not a person who is attached to money or material possessions, giving in this area has never been a problem for me; don’t own much to give out, but willingly share what I do have.  So, my thinking is I should probably be a bit more generous in areas where it is not so easy for me to do so, for example, donating my time.  Not being able to commit to a regular time just yet, I will be on the lookout for one time volunteering opportunities. 

A Few Worthy Causes

Flying Kites


Fundacion Color de Vida

American Red Cross





Also, I have never dared to donate blood because I am terrified of needles; however, upon considering Phil’s suggestion to do so on 2 Words: Become Better, decided to put on the brave armour and furnish my left arm next time there’s a blood drive at work (most likely within a couple of weeks.)  Expect to see a post about it soon, naturally. I did it! 

I don’t believe in advertising what I do for others.  However, I am listing my Volunteering/Donating activities on this page in order to hold myself accountable : 

– Sponsoring a boy to attend school and receive services at Fundacion Color de Vida (ongoing commitment)

– Helping a fellow single mother in the Dominican Republic pay for English classes for her teenage son, so that he can have a better shot at getting employed (ongoing commitment)

– Donating blood once per season.
* Summer 2011My very first blood donation 

Do you know of worthy causes to volunteer or donate to?  Please share.

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