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The List

Ready, Set, Go

This is My Bucket List

This list includes both short-term and long-term goals, which could range from ordinary to elaborate. I wish to make it an evolving list – a work in progress.

  1. Learning a third language
  2. Taking Salsa lessons
  3. Sky Diving (can’t have a bucket list without it!)
  4. Raising Happy, Healthy, Confident, Cooperative, Responsible, and Faithful children (Ongoing)
  5. Growing in Faith (Ongoing)
  6. Visiting every state in the USA
  7. Feeling Beautiful and Sexy (Ongoing)
  8. Throwing myself a fun-filled birthday party (Completed! )
  9. Going to a World Cup game
  10. Learning to swim
  11. Completing my Bachelor’s degree (Advancing)
  12. Learning to play acoustic guitar
  13. Going to Rio during Carnaval
  14. Mastering a few signature dishes (Advancing)
  15. Retaking Belly Dance
  16. Cultivating valuable friendships (Ongoing)
  17. Traveling to at least one country in every continent
  18. Writing love letters
  19. Fostering close-knit family relationships with my kids, parents, siblings and extended family members (Ongoing)
  20. Becoming an accomplished writer (Advancing)
  21. Visiting every province in The Dominican Republic
  22. Spending a weekend at a New England Bed and Breakfast
  23. Leading an Organized Life (Ongoing)
  24. Exploring RI from A to Z (Advancing)
  25. Taking Sailing Lessons
  26. Finding my Friend Nicky
  27. Learning How to Do a Mani-Pedi
  28. Chairing a PTA Event
  29. Taking a Photography Class
  30. Attending the Following Concerts: Tony Bennet, Juan Luis Guerra, Michael Buble, Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Ricardo Montaner, Mark Anthony, Gloria Estefan
  31. Taking a Personal Defense Class
  32. Learning to Play Pool
  33. Putting Fun on my Agenda (Ongoing)
  34. Volunteering/Donating (Ongoing)
  35. Reading More (Ongoing)
    – To read all the published works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    – To read all the published works of Paulo Coelho
    – To read all the books in the Bible
  36. Going to a Murder Mystery Dinner
  37. Having a Martini (Completed!)
  38. Visiting a Comedy Club
  39. Climbing a tree
  40. Taking Singing Lessons
  41. Going on a Scavenger Hunt (again)
  42.  Having a Mojito (Completed!)
  43. Attending a Pow Wow
  44. Parasailing
  45. Meeting a Fellow Life Lister and Completing an Item Together

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  1. It’s one of the shorter lists that I’ve seen but it is by far the most meaningful list with items such as #4, #5, #7, #16 and #19.

    • Thanks Paul, you are right my list is short 🙂 Trying to keep it manageable; plus as you pointed out, many of my goals are deep and ongoing, those take a lot of commitment and time. I like your goals and achievements. Will be a regular visitor at your site. Thanks for peeking in here.

  2. Start 33 by joining us for Martinis and Manicures tomorrow night in East Greenwich at 7 PM! It’s going to be a while before I can get out in the evenings again w.out Thomas so…come!!!!

    • This sounds very fun indeed. I’ve never had a Martini before believe it or not. Need to arrange for childcare. Will do my best to be there.

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  4. I really like your list! I have been thinking of taking a belly dancing course, the fact you have said RE-taking..should I assume it’s awesome and I definately should?x

  5. I love your list. We have some similar interests, particularly #6, #17, and #23. When you find the secret to getting organized, let me know 🙂 Cheers.

    • I know getting organized is easier said than done! I’m thinking baby steps; will report on my progress. Thanks for peeking in here and for leaving feedback. Blessings.

  6. I finally read your buckle list.

  7. Hey girlie…love the whole list idea…definitely makes you stop and think. Thanks for making me part of this journey! My favorite items are 1,2, 4 & 5! I have taken salsa lessons and it’s a load of fun! I wish you lived closer so we can take classes together. Please continue to keep me posted…

    Love always!

    • I am so glad you peeked in. I wish we lived closer as well, we could do some fun stuff together and help each other out with the not-so-fun stuff. Love you back.

  8. Marta Iachetta

    Love it! Thanks for including me in on your blog. You are a brave soul and a kindred spirit. 🙂

  9. I realized it’s best to check out your posts on my laptop not my phone. No wonder I couldn’t find “The List” – It’s quite a list ! So do you plan to work on one at a time ?
    Hope the b’day party plans are coming along well.

    • Ohhh, well good thing you figured it out. Working on the list one item at a time was my initial plan. However, I’ve realized there are a few items that will be ongoing and I am trying to figure out how to manage those in terms of tracking my progress and remaining accountable. If you click on the sub-page tittled Birthday Bash (under The List) you will see I’ve made some progress with this task; by the way, you should have received a Save the Date did you?

  10. Wow! that’s quite a list, but knowing you, I KNOW that you can do it. I can help with anything you need. I would like to at least attempt to make it to your party. I know your birtdate, but when are you planning to have the party on that same date? Oh! i am assuming that i am invited. ;). O

    • But of course my dear, you are more than invited. I am having it on the Saturday after my birthday; don’t worry, you’ll get an invite. So, let me know your opinion on the questions I posted. I need some feedback! 🙂

  11. wish I was closer, we can join salchata to get lessons in salsa(not like I really need them) and bachata. Always fun to master both. good luck with all your goals. expecting an invite to this party.

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  14. Well my friend…I LOVE ur bucket list, and also have some goals in common…so we can do it together…Great Starting on this blog…LUV U!

  15. Love this! I want to come to your b-day party and you are welcome to learn to swim in my pool!


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