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#33 – Fun!

Adding F.U.N. to my schedule is a must, which I am happy to report has made it to my bucket list as an ongoing goal.  During the past several months I have been making many small yet significant life changes; reconnecting with loved ones, rethinking my life goals and taking steps to accomplish them, and yes, having more fun.  However, for me it is so easy to get overly involved in my daily routine and neglect having me time, that I have decided to make unwinding a priority by officially adding it to my list. 

 The idea here is not necessarily to go all out with great vacations and grand entertainment venues (although those won’t be discarded) but rather to incorporate a solid couple of hours (ok at least one hour) of fun, excitement, pleasure, amusement, enjoyment (you get the idea :)) into my week.  A very positive effect of having my list is that many of the items compliment each other, and this is the case with fun; by accomplishing other items on my list, such as learning to play pool, taking salsa lessons, and exploring RI from A to Z, I will also be having fun.

I will be posting about my activities of amusement regularly.  In the meantime, go have some fun of your own!

P.S. Here’s a link to  2 words: Become Better; a great blog for life inspiration.   Phil from Become Better did a series of posts about simple ways to have fun that I really enjoyed. Check it out.

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