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#14 – A Few Signature Dishes

Where I come from one of a woman’s most regarded virtues is her sazón; the unique signature flavoring she gives to her dishes.  Most Dominican girls are tought how to cook at a young age; and women are deemed responsible for feeding the household three times a day on a daily basis. My mother was opposed to the idea that women should be responsible for all the cooking; therefore,  she never really tought me how to cook.  I must say I agree with my mom’s idea that women should not be solely charged with feeding the family.  I believe every responsible adult should be able to feed themselves in order to be truly an independent person.

I can cook.  I am not an expert, don’t cook often; and absolutely dislike having to cook everyday.  I usually make simple things for the kids and I.  Cooking elaborate meals just for the three of us turns out to be mostly a waste of time because my kids prefer simple dishes, and usually don’t even try the elaborate stuff. 

Nonetheless, I would like to  gain a bit of consistency in my cooking.  Meaning, I would love to master a few signature dishes that I could make without second guessing myself, and that come out tasty enough to share with family and friends. I haven’t decided on all the dishes I want to master yet; however, many of them will be Dominican recipes of course.  The plan is to periodically cook a new one and post it here once it has been mastered.  Who knows, perhaps I will be able to find my own sazón.  Please Feel free to share your favorite recipes.  They shall serve as inspiration for me.

Mastered Dishes:

This dish was also
featured on my post
Dinner with Friends


Bistec Encebollado (Steak and Onions)




Dulce Frio




Carola’s Go To Salad




Traditional Dominican Salad and Dressing




More Coming Soon…

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