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I am a work in progress.  Following are some descriptors I would assign to myself.  However, no one of them would tell you who I am.  It depends on the moment, place, and time; better yet, I am the whole concoction: 30 something, day-dreamer/space cadet, single mom, open-minded, true friend, grumpy, curious,  family oriented, capricious, compassionate, silly, and working on it…

Ok, so I am not an expert at anything (except at not being an expert), and this blog won’t be full of wise advice for the world.  The way I view this blog is more about me putting pieces of the puzzle together, gathering collective wisdom from those who may venture in here, and trying it out for fit as I navigate through life.  That said, you can expect to encounter a few wrong turns if you are going to follow this path with me.  Hopefully those unplanned turns will take us to interesting and exiting destinations, or at the very least, lead us back to the right track eventually.  Please feel free to bud in.  I am including a link to my first post, titled “Hello World”,  which might give you a better idea about the purpose of this Blog.

I plan to post once or twice per week so please peak in often.

Blessings, Carola

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  1. OK I love this whole process for you–very bold/daring–and definitely what the world needs NOW !

    I also like your idea of individual small cakes for your party especially since you love cake—you can sample more that way!

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