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#8 – Birthday Bash!

Below is my initial posting on this task which includes the planning and preparation stages, for the final posting, and to learn how it turned out see 34: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Throwing myself a superfun birthday party might be number eight on my Bucket List; but it is the first item that I will tackle.  Mostly because my birthday is coming up, but also because it is a fun task to take on.  I think successfully tackling this one will give me momentum and keep me motivated to face my other self-imposed challenges.

Courtesy of PezuzusCakes @

This is the list of To Dos for the party.  I’ve started to work on some of the items already, and I am wondering if there are steps that I am missing: 

    • Recruit Help
    • Make a Guest List
    • Set a Budget
    • Reserve Location
    • Order the Cake
    • Pick a Caterer
    • Decide on the Menu
    • Decide on Form of Entertainment
    • Send out Save the Dates
    • Give out Invitations (working on it)
    • RSVP Process
    • Buy my Outfit (still need the shoes!)
    • Buy Decorations and Supplies (working on it) No longer needed. New location is already decorated around my “theme”
    • Buy Outfits for the Kids No longer needed since it will be a grown-ups party
    • Recruit Help for Kids Activities (working on it) No longer needed since it will be a grown-ups party
    • Call guy in charge of sound system at the location to figure out what I need to bring/do
    • Put together soundtrack and figure out sound system of location (will finally meet with the guy tonight; he’s putting the soundtrack together for me)
    • Get a Mani/Pedi (on my way)
    • Hair and Makeup (have an appointment for tomorrow)
    • Most Importantly – Enjoy the Party!

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  1. GRRRRRRRRREAT my friend I LOVE IT!!!………..You’re on the right track and off course Count with ME!!!

  2. Besides picking the date, which I am sure you have already, it looks good to me!

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