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Vote for Me Pretty Please!

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Hilton Garden Inn is giving away 10 grand prizes consisting of:

 3-day/2-night trip, which
includes roundtrip airfare to the destination
of your choice for you and a guest, hotel
accommodations and cash to spend on
your ultimate to-do list activity.

I’ve entered the contest for the chance to win a trip to the Florida Keys and go parasailing there.  And I need your vote!

In order to vote, you will need to “like” their Facebook page and hit vote, then  find my entry by doing a search by destination and selecting Southeast USA.  My entry # is 251 and it’s titled Parasailing in Key West.

Make your own entry as well and let me know so I can vote for your adventure too 🙂

Summertime Bucketing

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Taken by Ada and Carlos Alves

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this year Summer officially started on June 21st and will officially end on September 23rd.  Going by that account, 6 weeks have already passed and there are 7 weeks left of Summer.  On the other hand, if we are talking about school vacation, which for my kids started on the week of June 20th and will end on August 30th, there are 4 weeks left of “Summer” before they go back to class and I go back to working full-time.

 This is relevant to me because I had loosely made up my mind to work on a few specific goals from my bucket list during this Summer.  I have worked on some of those goals, but I now realize that if I want to make more progress I need to make it official by writing it down and committing to doing so here, so that all of you can hold me accountable. Following are the specific list items I am working on this Summer, and the actions I have taken so far:

 #11 – Completing my Bachelor’s Degree: I committed to taking a Summer class towards my degree.  Happily I accomplished this by enrolling on Studies in Narrative; a course which I really enjoyed and has also help me advance on goal # 20 Becoming an Accomplished Writer.  Passed it with a B+.

#14 – Mastering a Few Signature Dishes : So far I have mastered 1 dish: Chofán.  The plan is to work on a few more before fall.  I will keep you posted.

# 23 – Leading an Organized Life (Ongoing): I have made little progress on this one. Since many areas of my life would benefit from being better structured, it would probably be a good idea if I further define this item and section it down in order to make it more doable.  Things I have done so far include using a personal agenda, work on and implement a morning family routine, started working on an evening family routine.

# 24 – Exploring RI from A to Z : Since my budget has been tight; I figured local traveling would be a great way to enjoy the Summer while crossing off a few RI spots from my list.  Here are the places I have visited so far: McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI; The Swan Ride at Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI; Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, RI, and Easton Beach, in Newport, RI.

Other RI spots I would enjoy seeing before the change of season include: The gondola ride at Waterfire in Providence; Another Newport spot, perhaps the Cliffwalk or the Mansions; Downtown Bristol Waterfront; Roger William Park’s Greenhouse in Providence; as well as Prudence Island in Portsmouth.

How is your Summer going / What plans would you like to accomplish before it ends?

Turkey Bravado

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We went on the road very early, headed to Coggeshall Farm Museum, in Bristol, RI, in order to participate in their BREAKFAST in the BARNYARD program.  This is a Farm Museum which operates exactly as in the late 187o’s, down to the garments the farm attendants wear.  It was a good experience in which the kids and I got to interact with pigs, chickens, turkeys,

horses, mules, and cows.  We were permitted to pet the animals, brush them, and even milk one of the cows!  I especially liked that part since this was my first experience doing so.  It was much easier than I thought, and she was  very mild-mannered, patiently letting everyone take a turn at squeezing her jigglers. 

The little farm-house is decorated with scarce furnishings from the 19th century. It has a very old-fashioned kitchen were we were delighted to eat some freshly made johnnycakes. 

In summary, I would totally recommend this as a family outing.  Word of caution – the turkeys do not appreciate being teased.  My nephew Alex quickly found this out when he started making funny turkey sounds and three turkeys lined up in attack mode ready to confront him.  I had to come to the rescue and appease the birds.  Luckily one of the farm attendants had warned us in the beginning of the tour to just stay still and quiet if at any point we felt nervous around one of the animals, and that’s what we did until the turkeys backed off. 

Bring a hat, a water bottle, and get some sunblock and bug spray on before your visit.  As we left the farm we also had a chance to make a quick stop by Bristol Harbor, which is gorgeous. This day trip serves to partially accomplish goal #24 on my list.

Have you ever had a farm animal try to attack you?

At the Old Ball Game

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Another hot RI spot I get to cross off my list: McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket.

 Bits of Info about this outing:

  • McCoy Stadium is home to the minor league baseball Triple-A affiliates of the Boston Red Sox – The Pawtucket Red Sox or PawSox.
  • I am anything but a baseball fanatic; actually, I don’t have a clue about baseball.  But I am a Boston Red Sox fan.  What can I say? I live in Red Sox Nation.
  • The longest game in the history of baseball was played at McCoy.
  • Obviously, McCoy Stadium is the spot to visit in the city of Pawtucket, thus I had to put it on my list in spite of my slight taste for baseball.
  • I made it a family outing with my kids and two younger nephews.  My nephews play baseball, and the youngest one, Alex, was all into the game.
  • We had baseball game type snacks (hot dogs, doughboys and such)
  • We got to meet, and take pictures with, Paws, the male PawsSox Mascot.  We did not spot the female mascot; her name is Sox, of course.

Special Date: Swan Ride

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This was another one of those “Killing Two Birds with One Stone” outings as it counts toward at least 2 of the goals on my Bucket List. My son Aleck and I had one of our Special Dates where we get to spend quality time just the two of us doing something we both enjoy.  Special Dates with each of my children is one of my ongoing efforts towards goal # 4 on my List “Raising Happy, Healthy, Confident, Cooperative, Responsible, and Faithful Children.”  Since Aleck chose to visit Roger Williams Park and hop on a Swan Ride for our date, it also counts towards goal #24 of my list, “Exploring Rhode Island from A to Z.”

It was a nice warm day and after running a few errands and having lunch at Chelo’s, one of his favorite restaurants, Aleck and I headed to Roger Williams Park for our Swan Ride.  The very nice young boy attendant helped us get suited with life jackets for our mini  adventure. He recommended waiting for one of the boats equipped with an awning  because  being under the sun without it while pedaling the boat could be brutal; we listened to the voice of experience, and I was very thankful for it later.  

As soon as our boat was available we carefully loaded the Swan.  We received quick navigating instructions and off we went.  For $6 per person you get to ride 25 minutes, which let me tell you is more than enough pedaling for me.  As my legs are longer than Aleck’s, I was mainly in charge of the pedals, while he was in charge of the direction shift.  We passed many other joyful riders, admired the lily pad patches, gazed at the geese and ducks in the lake, and most importantly, enjoyed our time together.  I was glad he chose the Swan Ride since that is one of the spots I had chosen to visit within Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI.  This park has been one of my favorite places to visit since I was a teen, but there are a handful of spots/activities I had not experienced yet; The Swan Ride is no longer one of them 🙂

How about you; what is your favorite Park and what do you enjoy doing there?