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Quick Update

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Pezuzu's sketch for my bday cake!

Well, I am a little over one day away from crossing off the first item I set out to conquer from The List.  Like my friend Leona would say: Mood = excited – Anxious – excited.  Send positive energy my way, better yet, say a prayer so that everything goes smoothly 🙂

I am including a link to my Birthday Bash Page so you can see were things stand.  Thanks for peeking in:  Birthday Bash!

So Far So Good

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Progress Report:

It’s been about 2 months since I typed my Bucket List, committed to it, and started blogging about it.  Although, I have not made astonishing accomplishments, I feel that I have come a long way from my pre-bucket-list days.  First of all, I am committed to pursuing these goals, just  having the list in writing and published makes me feel very accountable, not only to others but to myself.  Second, being able to see the list has allowed me to make more sense out of it, and at the same time believe that I can achieve these objectives; seeing it in writing makes it seem less unreachable somehow.  Third, visiting other bloggers that have their own lists of goals has been very encouraging to say the least; and I have gotten many good ideas from my readers – Thank You!  Above all, I would say the best thing about this process has been a definite shift in my attitude,  and a frequent feeling of happiness.  Below I will list a few tangible outcomes as a progress report:

On #5 Growing in Faith
This was the first of my ongoing goals that I dissected in order to better define a course of action that is tangible and achievable.  I identified 5 basic steps I can commit to in order to move towards this goal.  So far I have been praying everyday; however, I need a lot more work in that area.  My prayers have been short and superficial so far. Went to church last night, as planned, and was more attentive to the sermon; I even got there on time to give my offering.  This morning I read the Bible and shared a bit of it with my kids. 

On #8 Throwing Myself a Super Fun Birthday Party

Pezuzu's sketch for my bday cake!

The date is approaching fast (about 2 weeks ahead).  Luckily there are only a few items left to take care of, and I need to stop procrastinating on those! I am very thankful for my friend Leona who has helped me plan (and re-plan) this party.  

I still need to call the owner of the location to finalize a few details, figure out the whole music and sound system situation, plus a couple other things. 

On # 11 Completing my Bachelor’s Degree
 I have chosen to start working towards this goal next.  So far, I have gotten reinstated as a current student; I registered for one Summer class, which will also be beneficial in achieving goal #20 of my list because it is a Literature class; got permission from the boss to tweak my office schedule in order to accommodate this class into my lunch hour.   Also, I created a sub page, called #11 Bachelor’s Degree, to track this goal.  On that page I give further details of why this is important to me;  and I am keeping track of credits completed.

Progress Report

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On The Birthday Bash…

Well, well, where to start… If you’ve been following my posts you may know that this is a fairly recent blog, the main purpose of which is to serve as an accountability tool for myself in reaching the goals posted on my Bucket List.  You may also remember the challenge I chose to tackle first from my list – Throwing Myself a Superfun Birthday Party. As posted on my Birthday Bash page, I have taken many steps towards reaching this goal.  However, the date is fast approaching and there are a few important items left undone.  Yes, if you must know, I am driving myself insane thinking about the things left to do.  Moreover, I am second guessing decisions that were already made, for example the location. 

The original location is adequate in size, pleasing to the eye and FREE; however I will need to invest money and time in decoration, also I need to rent a dancing floor because the whole space is carpeted.  The caterer serving the location has given me a good price, but I have to purchase soft drinks , there will be a cash bar, and there will be an extra charge for the bartender as well as for the waiter.  I am thinking now that maybe having this party at a restaurant might work better.  The price per person might be a little higher but they will take care of everything, I wouldn’t need to purchase soft drinks because the restaurant will provide water pitchers and there will be a cash bar.  Also, they have hardwood flooring and space for dancing so I won’t need to rent a dancing floor. Plus, the look of the space is pretty stylish and I don’t think I will need any extra decoration.  Oh, I almost forgot, the restaurant closes at 1am vs. the original location which closes at midnight.  Last but not least, the original location will require me to arrange for cleaning the space after the party, which won’t be necessary at the restaurant. The starting price per person of this restaurant is much to high for my budget; however, I called and they seemed willing to negotiate the price down.  I need to pay them a visit tonight so wish me luck 😉

Other details to finalize include figuring out the music playing system, putting together a playlist, formal invitations, centerpieces (which might not be necessary at the restaurant) , and a few more things… 

Part of the reason why I chose this as my first task is because I wanted it to be a fun and not overly complicated goal in order to gain some momentum and motivation to continue pursuing the rest of my goals.  However, I have a major anxiety problem, which is what keeps me from attempting new things in the first place – I just get overwhelmed with things that may seem simple and effortless to others, and I feel like giving up.  I know Lame! My brain needs to get passed all the “what ifs” in my head; I want to get passed them. Please advise!

The Not To Do List

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Random Thoughts:

…On Things to Let Go
Since I have been working on this blog I have given much thought to the goals I want to include on my bucket list.  Recently I have had an opposing thought.  What about a list of things not to do?  Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves, and so much of our effort and energy goes toward tasks of little or null value.  My proposition to myself:  identify the useless should haves, would haves, could haves weighing me down and put them all in my list of things not to do.  Heading the race for spot #1 on that list is Getting a Liposuction. 

P.S.  I have made a new page titled K&A Blog where my kids will be able to post their creations.  They would love to receive some feedback so please click on it and comment.

Measuring Up

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Cute BDay Card

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On one of my previous posts, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past to be exact, I had talked about certain items on my bucket list that have a special  characteristic in common; they are perennial.  These goals are supposed to be ongoing undertakings rather than consummative tasks.  I am having trouble coming up with ways to measure my progress on this type of goal.   I have identified 4 such items on my list and will include them below with the hopes that you might give me helpful suggestions:

#4 Raising Happy, Healthy, Confident, Cooperative, Responsible, and Faithful children

#5 Growing in Faith

#16 Cultivating valuable friendships

#19 Fostering a close-knit family environment with my kids, parents, siblings and extended family members

I feel like I am already engaged in most of these goals on a daily basis, but how do I determine if I am on the right track?