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It’s Impossible to Get a Magic Wand These Days

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It’s Impossible to Get a Magic Wand These Days

Progress Report:

 On # 23 Leading and Organized Life
It is no secret that I am organizationally challenged (That is the politically correct way of saying I am messy, unorganized, and pretty much a space cadet.)  As I have posted before, I know this is the number one obstacle that keeps me from obtaining many other goals, thus I put it on my list and I have been giving it special attention for the past few months.

The absence of organization effects and extends to many areas of my life:

  • Lack of an established household routine – We have been working on, and improving, this one
  • No financial spending plan or budget – Have given a couple of baby steps towards this
  • Punctuality is definitely not one of my strengths – Making progress in this are as well
  • Clutter, clutter, and more clutter – This one particularly overwhelms me and robs me of a much desired peaceful and balanced home environment

We are usually a messy bunch, and the past few weeks we had been extra messy since all of us were sick and in low spirits.  Let me tell you, our apartment was not a happy sight. Since there was no magic wand in sight to make it all go away, this past weekend I dedicated the better part of Saturday and Sunday to decluttering our home.

     Pretty much all over the apartment was a disaster zone.  The worst of it all was the Play Room / TV Room; it was overflowing with toys, tapes, DVDs, and things that did not belong in that room such as kitchen utensils.  Also, the closet inside that room serves as depository for our family’s dirty laundry; opening that closet was literally like a scene taken out of a sitcom, where piles of clothes and stuff just come tumbling down…


Happily, I had a few wonderful friends and family members come to the rescue during both days.  Saturday my stepmom and stepbrother helped me clean – a lot!  Since my daughter is highly allergic to dust and cannot be present during the cleaning; my mom took the kids to her place for the day.  On Sunday my adult nephews and nieces took the kids for a hay ride, and pumpkin picking. My good friend Vanessa came over and helped me wipe clean every single toy in order to put it back in its place.  She also helped me sort out things that we don’t need any longer, in order to give them out; there were also several bags of trash to take out.    After two days of hard work; everyone was pleased with the results. 

Play Room/TV Room

Play Room / TV Room

It was a long cleaning session, but it was also therapeutic, and so worth it.  Sunday night, my kids’ paternal grandma stayed overnight and I  step foot outside,  for the first time in two days, to go have some fun.  Thank God for friends and family.

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  1. When my life/home is disorganized, then I can barely think straight! I need everything very clean and tidy and I know how great it feels to get everything organized. Hope it stays that way!

    • You are so right Jessica. When my home is cluttered, my mind is in the same state. Even my kids have recognized the benefits of keeping an organized home; they said “it feels nice” and they can find their toys 🙂 We have managed to keep it organized so far and it has been so worth it.

  2. Seems like this may be useful to you:


  3. Congrats on sorting out your home. I have good intentions to declutter and keep a more simple home but with 3 daughters and Hayley to compete with it’s no easy task!

    • Hi Paul, I totally agree. It is not easy, especially with children in the house and all their stuff. I’ve been working at this for a few months now and I am not done yet. I’ve taken a room by room approach in order to make it less overwhelming. Good luck with your decluttering projects.

  4. Hey Hope, thanks for peeking in here and for leaving me feedback. I was just thinking that it was like an episode of that show Clean Sweap! I’m pretty sure you can brive some friends and family to come and help you. Sometimes we hesitate to ask for help when the truth is everybody needs a hand Plus, you have 3 good reasons to need a bit of extra help; just have them make puppy eyes to your peeps and I doubt they’ll be able to resist. Count me in; really, if you ever want help organizing or cleaning just let me know and I will come help.

  5. it’s like an episode of one of those clean house shows-looks great! Can I get them all to come to my house next?!?


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