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Mission Accomplished… For the Most Part

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As I had a long weekend coming up, I decided to jot down some action items to tackle in order to advance on my list.  Here are the results:

Having Fun (#33)
definitely accomplished this one by going to the Go Karts, where I took the slippery track for the first time and laughed with all of my lungs; also played in the arcade there.  Watched a couple of movies, and surprisingly I liked both (not Oscar material but fun to watch): No Strings Attached and The Adjustment Bureau.  Enjoyed the company of a few good friends; special thanks to Antonia for giving me my first gel manicure.  Lastly, went to Karaoke Night at a local bar with a few friends.  No, I didn’t sing, but I danced; plus during this outing I took care of my next item.

Crossing One Goal off My List
Fulfilled Item #37 by Having a Martini during Karaoke night.  I am far from being a cocktail expert; tend to stick to Margaritas and Wines when it comes to alcoholic beverages.  However, I’ve always been curious about Martini’s since characters such as James Bond make it look so glamorous, so I ordered one.  Did not love it – too dry for my taste. Mine was garnished with a lemon wedge which was a surprise.  I asked the waitress about the olive and she replied that they only put the olive in Dirty Martinis; and they also serve an Apple Martini. I had no clue. Sipped it very slowly; that was the only drink (other than water) I had all night.

Work on # 23 – Getting Organized
I was shooting for making some order out of the piles of paperwork resting on my desk table, and bookshelf, which I did not get to.  However, I made some progress on de-cluttering, as well as tackling some neglected household chores.  Not bad at all.  Big shout out to Kiara for helping me with this; that’s true friendship I tell you 🙂

Knock out One Rhode Island spot from #24
Didn’t Get to this one.

Finish Reading the Book (#35)
This one is part of my goal to Read More. I had read about 2/3 of Paulo Coelho’s book  La Quinta Montaña and I wanted to finish it over the weekend.  I did!!!

Cook Something! (#14)
Mastering a few Signature Dishes is one of my goals into which I have put little effort. The truth is I hadn’t done some real cooking for almost 2 months.  So this weekend I was supposed to master Moro de Habichuelas Rojas (Rice with Red Beans) and Bistec Encebollado (Steak with Onions).  The bad news is that I do not have this one under my belt yet.  The good news is that I did cook it and it was decent; I just want to fine tune my personal sazón on this dish a bit more.

So, how was your weekend?  Also, Please Vote for your Favorite:


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  1. Ick! I’ve only had one “real” martini. I got one when I was 22 at a fancy restaurant b/c I thought that’s what you did at fancy restaurants. I hated it. I’m MUCH more of a screwdriver kinda gal.

    • I’m with you Jessica. Did not like it at all; but glad I had it and got to cross this one of my list 😉 My favorite cocktail is the Margarita hands down; I do like screwdrivers as well.

  2. I will check that out; although I will confess (just between us) I am chicken! I don’t deal well with scary stories; they give me nightmares for days.

  3. I always have olives in my martini! I haven’t ordered a dirty martini but would like to next time. I can’t imagine drinking it with a lemon! Did I send you my cioppino recipe? So easy and my best dish!

    • I thought that all Martini’s have olives but I checked it out on Wikipedia and it said sometimes they are served with a lemon peel instead; I got a lemon wedge. You did send me that recipe; I need to try it (I don’t even know what it is jijijiji). Thanks for peeking in here and for sharing. Next time I feel like trying a Martini I’ll go with you.

  4. Having fun SHOULD be on everybody’s list, but some unenlightened won’t have it. Good for you. Not being a Martini expert is NBT. I’m all for you reading many books since my human is an author. And cooking – oh yeah – as long as I get the left-overs.

    • Hey Sandy, thanks for peeking in here; first time I’ve had a canine reader (I think). Have any good reads suggestions for me?

      • OH Yes. Try “A Place No One Should Go” just reading what you’ve written you’ll love it! Try the Geezer’s (my human’s) website at It’s available at B&N, Amazon, Books-a-million, but direct from the publisher is cheapest (Double Edge Press). Hint- don-t read right before bed time. Sandy

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