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The Complete Persepolis
By Marjane Satrapi

Red Buckets : 
Disclaimer: I am NOT a literary expert; therefore,
reviews posted here are entirely based on my
personal opinion and taste as a reader.

Goal # 35 Read More – This is the first graphic novel I have ever read.  As you can see, my rating for Persepolis is 5 red buckets, which means I really, really liked it.

This is an autobiographical graphic novel (some call it a comic because of the illustrations).  At first glance, my perception of the book was that it couldn’t be very deep since it looked pretty much as a comic strip; glad to report that assessment was far from accurate. 

This is the story of Marjane and her experiences as a girl, teenager, and eventually a young adult living in Iran during the war with Iraq.  It is interesting to see the diverse forces that converge in forming Marjane as a human being; there is the totalitarian regime forcing her to wear the veil, which her forward thinking parents protest against; her parents who instill in her a sense of what is fair and a thirst to fight for her rights but at the same time are trying to protect her from the explosive environment in their city; Marjane’s sense of spirituality and yearning for a relationship with God; her formal education at a French private school; the need to belong, to find her herd among her peers; and Marjane’s strong family ties. 

It is very interesting to learn about the atmosphere of this war from the viewpoint of a person who grew up in the midst of the conflict, and Satrapi does a beautiful job of helping the reader relate.  Persepolis is a quick read because the black and white pictures greatly enhance the meaning of the text, and it is delivered in a way that makes it appealing to the reader, also, the book has a chronological story line.

I won’t spoil the story for you, but will just say that Marjane eventually comes to terms with all the forces that are impacting her life;  she finds her way through  them.  And yes, I totally recommend this book.


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  1. i am a fan of graphic novels. i’ve never heard of this before. it sounds very interesting and i might just give it a shot. how did you hear of it?

    • Hi Mack, thanks for peeking in here. It was actually assigned to me as part of my summer class, Studies inNarrative. I had never heard of graphic novels prior to this, and was very pleased with this book. Turned out to be the book I liked the most out of the 4 we read.

      • nice! i saw your other post about getting closer to your goal of becoming an accomplished writer. i think that’s great. i’d like to be an accomplished writer too. right now i’m working with a company writing copy…so, i guess i’m working on my goal too. yay for us!

      • Big Yay for both of us!!!! 🙂

  2. I saw the movie, but I am also interested in the novel.


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