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Remember when I made this statement: “I have never dared to donate blood because I am terrified of needles; however, upon considering Phil’s suggestion to do so on 2 Words: Become Better, decided to put on the brave armour and furnish my left arm next time there’s a blood drive at work”?   Well, I do, because I actually posted that on my Volunteering/Donating page.   

RI Blood Center Bus

To say that needles make me feel uneasy or anxious would be an understatement.  I think fretful would be a more appropriate term. Nonetheless, I committed to donating blood, and was planning on finding out the date of the next blood drive at work in order to do so. Only I didn’t need to do that because guess what I found right on the parking lot when I arrived to work this morning?   Yeap, I had to put on that courage armour in a rush.  Went to my office to sign in.  Checked my email, sent a few replies, and headed back to the parking lot.  Wait; I recalled Cece‘s advise to have a good meal before donating blood.  I’m covered.  Had my Herbalife protein shake, which boasts 114 nutrients (pardon the plug 🙂 ).  I was greeted by an attendant who gave me information to read while she took my driver’s license to input my data in their system.  Afterwards another attendant took me in a little room and interviewed me about my health history; took my temperature, blood pressure and pulse.  Next she did an awful thing I tell you.  She pricked my finger and extracted some blood in order to get my blood cell count.  That was the worst part of the whole process!  It is a good thing no one warned me about the finger prick because I am terrified of this. 

Then to the real deal, she guided me to one of the donating beds; assessed my veins; sanitized my left arm; tied it and gave me a stress ball to squeeze.  After giving me a heads up, she inserted the needle.  Ouchie.  The pain faded quickly; however, the notion of the needle being inside of me is what really stressed me.  Using my right arm I texted a couple of friends for support, including my sister.  Her very kind reply was something like “I’m busy. Quit being a pu**y”  Yeah, I can always count on my dear sister to pick me up when I’m down.

10 to 15 minutes passed and the needle came out. My breathing rate went back to normal.  I was given oj and Oreos, yummie; as well as a water bottle to keep hydrated.  Also, a nice gentleman shared some blood donating facts with me:
– RI needs 285 pints of blood per day
– One pint (which is what you give as a donor) could save 3 lives
– Colleges and Universities are among their best sources of donations during the academic year; Summer is much slower.
– Donors can give blood every 8 weeks.

I was sent off with  instructions to stay hydrated, keep the bandage on for 4 hours, not smoke or drink alcohol until I had a good meal.  Above all I had a sense of pride for facing one of my big fears in order to help others. 

Care to share your blood donating/fear of needles anecdotes?


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  1. Congrats for conquering your fear of needles. I’ve actually been slacking off with donating blood this year; you’ve reminded me that I need to get back in the habit!

  2. i used to give blood when i was a lot younger. i was in highschool and they asked me to test if i had some sort of special thing in me so i said sure. after which time they took some blood and all my info to contact me in the future if the need arose for whatever it was they were looking for. afterward i drank a juice and ate a cookie. on several occasions prior i had seen other kids just hanging out and getting extra juice and cookies so i figured i’d do that too seeing as how they just took all sorts of info and solicited my services. then this rude blood lady came to me and told me i needed to go to class. and since then i’ve never given blood again. i know i shoudl get over it, being an adult and all, but that experience put a bad taste in my mouth for donating blood. it’s good that you were brave enough to face your fears though! yay armor!

  3. Hi Nice to be here,
    will come back again
    keep posting
    how can i follow
    there is not follow button
    best regards

    • Hi, thanks for peeking in. You should see the RSS button around the top left corner of the screen. And also the option to suscribe to receive new posts directly to your email.

  4. You are brave! I also share a fear of needles, but I’m more afraid I’m going to get a disease or something from a needle. Pretty irrational, but I can’t help it. Sometimes we have a blood mobile in our parking lot and I am always tempted to go…but I never do, and I feel bad about it. Maybe next time I will…

    • Thanks for peeking in here; I totally understand about your needle fear. Hey, there are always opportunities to face our fears and sooner or later we are bound to grab one. I am sure you will do so at the right time.

  5. Rocina Precious

    I must say you are very BRAVE. Maybe one day I will too build up the courage 🙂

    • Thanks Rocina! I would not usually consider myself brave, but I’ve heard that being brave is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear, so I guess by that definition I would be very brave 🙂 And guess what? I know you are as well.

  6. I’m so proud of you! Thanks for donating and for posting this. I’m glad my words could encourage you. Thanks for mentioning me in the post. Keep up the amazing work. See, it wasn’t so bad 🙂

    • Thanks Phil. I am a big fan of your site and always look forward to the daiyl 2 words of encouragement. I am glad I read your post on donating blood, which prompted me to do so.

  7. Good for you! I hate the iron check finger prick too! I used to donate a lot, but have not been able to the last few years because I donated my stem cells, and I have been traveling to places where malaria is present. I think this November I can finally start donating again!


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