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In a previous post, titled Been There, I went over some items that I have seen on other bloggers’ life lists, and which I have already done.  Not as a way of saying “Look at what I did”  but in order to help myself realize that, I have lived some interesting moments, even if  I have not sky dived or swam with sharks. 

In this second round I am listing neat ways in which I’ve pampered myself as a reminder to all of us to be good to ourselves:

  • I have gotten  a few Facials, and a Chemical Peel
  • Took several sessions with a Life Coach (It was very helpful in keeping me focused)
  • Hired a Professional Organizer to help me declutter a couple of rooms
  • Got my eyebrows threaded (This is my prefered way of getting brows styled, very natural look)
  • Went for a Professional Bra Fitting at an Exclusive Lingerie Boutique (Great Experience, their merchandise was a bit pricy though)
  • Had Hair Extensions put in (hated them, took them off a few days after)
  • Treated myself to a Hand Paraffine Wax (The softening effect only lasted a few hours)
  • Hire Help for Household Chores when I can afford it (God bless all housekeepers; they are real life savers)
  • Had a Shellac Manicure
  • Went to a professional Makeup Artist
  • Have gotten several types of Body Massages, including Hot Stone
  • Gotten my legs and bikini area waxed (although this is more like torture)
  • Had a Keratin Treatment applied to my hair (Fantastic and lasting results; worth every penny)
  • Had my hair braided at the beach
  • Bought fresh flowers for myself

Your turn.  What are ways in which you have treated yourself to a neat pampering and/or what is your wish list in this category?


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  1. Wow, that sounds amazing. Do it! It will be a great mini escape from the daily routine. You will have to either leave your cel at home or turn it off.

    You are right about the waxing, ouch!

  2. Some of those things sound worth trying, like the life coach and the help for decluttering. I’d be afraid to try the wax – sounds painful.

    I’ve given thought to a full day of pampering which would include facial, manicure, pedicure, hair styled, leisurely meals throughout the day while I read whatever novel I’m into at the time along with some browsing and shopping for a complete outfit once I’m beautified – by myself with no interruptions (ie calls, demands from others for my time)


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