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34: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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For those of you who have been asking (and for the ones that haven’t 🙂 ) here’s the report on the first item I have accomplished from The List celebrating my 34th Birthday.  As you can deduct from the title of  this post, although it was mostly good, it wasn’t perfect. 


The Good
I had done enough preparation so that on the day of the party I wasn’t rushed.  My hair, makeup and dress worked out good and I felt comfortable enough with my appearance.  The place was beautifully set and the food was great; many of my guests positively commented on how much they liked it.  My cake was wonderfully created by Pezuzu; the bottom layer was Pina Colada (yummy) and the top layers were Red Velvet (scrumptious). 

Also good was the last-minute (two weeks or so) decision to surprise my dad by celebrating his birthday along with mine.  His actual birthday was one week after my party so his girlfriend and I decided to join forces and surprise him.  Not only was he surprised, but he was very pleased, as was I, to have his brothers and sister from NJ join us in celebrating.  His bday cake was also made by Pezuzu and it was designed as a game of Dominoes, since he loves to play it. 

I really enjoyed the friends and family that came.  We did a little Karaoke, I mainly accompanied my aunt Rosa who was singing while dancing up a storm. I even danced a bit!  It was fun (and painful) after a 9 year Sabbatical; I need to get in dancing shape again but definitely fun. 



The Bad
I have never considered myself a perfectionist, and seriously I can’t be one, if you are close to me you know how disorganized and unpunctual I am; somehow I just don’t see those traits fitting in with being a perfectionist.  Nonetheless, I do stress myself out unnecessarily about minute details; this, in my opinion, is mainly the reason why I couldn’t immerse myself in the celebration.  I was preoccupied with details; couldn’t let go of the planning stage, therefore I felt a bit removed from the scene so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have.  Also, some of my confirmed guests did not show up and others cancelled very last-minute.  When you are paying per person this can be frustrating.  In addition the music playlist could have been better planned and there were some glitches on that aspect.

The Ugly
Fortunately the ugly didn’t get too ugly.  One guest, who arrived very late, felt he was not paid proper attention to and decided to leave.  According to him, nobody told him where he could sit (mind you it was open sitting) and he felt uneasy…. The ugliest was a minor scene caused by a married couple (the wife is a friend of mine).  They were sitting at a table along with other guests, one of whom very gracefully offered to buy a drink for everyone at the table.  The husband took offense to this gesture and very bitterly told the gentleman who had offered to buy the drinks that no one buys his wife alcoholic drinks except for him.  The husband (read insecure little boy)  was not content with the gentleman’s apology and kept pressing the issue.  Luckily my father intervened and appeased him saving the night. 

Overall it was a good night.  It did not turn out exactly as I planned it, but really what does?  As I told my dear friend Marlin, this is just an excuse to throw myself another party!  Seriously, I think next time I would rather invest the money on a cruise.  I want to express a big thank you to all of those who were part of “The Good”, to all my friends and family who came out to be part of this night, especially my NJ family; to my friend Leona who helped me plan this and kept me sane; to my friend Pezuzu who put so much time and effort into making the most beautiful birthday cake ever, and to my friend Paula who so gracefully took great pictures of  everyone and everything! 

Above all, I’ve made my first stride towards conquering my list.  Do you have a Life List/Bucket List?  Do you remember the first item from your list you were able to achieve and how this felt?

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  1. Event planning is tough; I did it for a living and still forgot things/had things not turn out the way I wanted it. It’s just best to take on the attitude of “It’s MY party and I’ll do what I want!”

    • Thanks Jessica, planning events is indeed tough. Whenever I decide to throw myself another party, I think I will hire a planner and just show up to enjoy the party 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing:0) Glad you enjoyed the party…remember it’s the memories that count!

  3. Very happy to hear that everything turned out great. I did think of you while I was in Europe, and got you a little gift. Since things didn’t turn out perfectly, this is an excuse for me to HELP you throw another party for yourself! WEPA! & hmmm, Pina Colada huh? I wonder where you got that idea 😉

    • Welcome back! I remember my first Pina Colada cake, courtesy of you 🙂 I think I’ll reserve the next party for when I accomplish my Bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, I would rather plan a mini vacation or a cruise for my next bday.


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