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When I started down my bucket-list path I really felt as if my life was blah.  Let me 

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explain, not that I was an unhappy person; just that I felt I had not accomplished anything out of the ordinary.  Still, there isn’t any illusion of grandiosity within me; however, reading through many lists of “Things to do before kicking the bucket” has allowed me to discover that I have actually done some interesting stuff. Here are some things other bloggers have on their lists, and I have already done:

  • Belly Dancing: I took lessons for a few months a couple of years ago.  I do have it on my list though, I want to retake it as I’ve lost a lot of the little I had learned. Plus it is fun and so good for flexibility.
  • Yoga: Did Yoga for over a year and loved it; absolutely! Let go of it after having my kids.  This would not be a bad one to retake either.
  • Learning a Second Language: I am fluent in English, and of course my native tongue, Spanish.  I want to learn a third language, which will probably be Portuguese or Italian.  I have studied the basics of French and Sign Language; however, I lost anything I had learned due to lack of use.
  • Speaking to a Famous Person: I had a telephone conversation with one of my favorite song authors and singers, Latin star, Ricardo Montaner.  He was a guest at a live t.v. talk show, they opened up the telephone lines for questions and they took my call!  Also, my friend Marlin and I got tickets to be part of the audience at a Talk Show that would be the Latin equivalent to Oprah, El Show de Cristina.  During a commercial break I got to ask Cristina a few questions and even kissed her on the cheek.
  • Horse Back Riding: Done it twice, both many years ago.  Had accidents both times – enjoyed it just the same.  Want to do it again!
  • Having Adventurous Sex: Like for example making love at the beach, on a rooftop, in the car… Yes, I did.  Better yet, I was madly in love.
  • Getting Published: When I was in high school I wrote a short story that won the first place in a contest; the prize was getting published in a national newspaper.
  • Having a Bikini Wax: Ouch!!!
  • Appearing on a TV Show:  I was the co-host of a local Softball show in my hometown; did it for a few years.  I didn’t know the first thing about Softball or Baseball then, and don’t know a thing yet hahahaha, go figure.
  • Visiting Disney and/or Sea World: Did both; not crazy about Disney; liked Sea World much better.
  • Going into the Opposite Sex Bathroom: Followed my then boyfriend into the bathroom at a bar.  What can I say?  I was  still madly in love 🙂
  • Karaoke: Disclaimer – I sing horribly, truly, really, honestly.  A few months ago my dear friend Leona invited me to her karaoke party.  I was not planning on singing, just watching and listening to the others, but after some liquid encouragement.  I sang many songs; didn’t want to pass the mic on.  I could hear comments such as “That’s a really long song” lol.
  • Getting a Massage at a Luxury SPA:  Several years ago, for mother’s day, My mom, sister, stepmom, mother-in-law, and I went to a top-notch Day Spa to be pampered while the men took care of the children.  Priceless. 
  • Going on a Cruise: Technically.  I went on a weekend cruise to nowhere.  We set sail on Friday and came back on Sunday.  Didn’t go to any island or anything, just out to sea.  Not too shabby considering this was a company outing, paid by the employer of my boyfriend at the time.

What interesting things have you done, and perhaps don’t even give yourself credit for them?  Can’t wait to read your stories.


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  1. Carola I really enjoy reading your blog…you just made me realize how lame I have become lately. Taking care of others needs I’ve forgot to have fun. I am thinking about writing short stories made up of people that I know and how I think they would have reacted in some odd situation. Off course I would never use their real names…that way I could really have fun! Quien sabe, quizás hasta tu apareces en una de mis historias. Chao mi amiga

    • Oh no!!!! I mean, yes, write – you are a great writer and I would love to read your stories; but please don’t write about me!!! My memory is bad and I haven’t seen you in soooooo long that I can’t recall any embarassing moments or dirt you might have on me 🙂 Thanks for peeking in here; I appreciate your comments.

  2. I’m taking Zumba (I’ve been an off and on gym rat for years but had never taken classes so taking Zumba was a big deal for me). Apparently for a lot of people eating alone or going to the movies alone is a big deal but I do it all the time and never really think about it.

    • Zumba!!! My friend Leona keeps trying to convince me to try this. Apparently it yields very good results. I haven’t been brave enough yet. You get thumbs up for being able to enjoy the movies, and a meal on your own; I usually like to have company for those. Then again, you are a very interesting person so you must be great company to yourself 😉

  3. I’ve tried yoga…and got kicked out of class. Oops!
    I’ve zip lined through a jungle.
    I’ve gone cave tubing.
    Most importantly, I’ve discovered who I am and what I am meant to do.

    • Well, nothing can beat that last one item on your list Elle. Knowing who you are and your purpose in life is most important indeed. Dare I ask, how did you manage to get kick out of Yoga????


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