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A Little Fun Goes a Long Way

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Random Thoughts:

…On Childhood and Joy
Now why is it that I have misplaced my capacity to enjoy life “just because”.  I mean, memories of my childhood are mainly made of carefree days filled with giggles and adventures.  It was easy to find something to be excited about.  Pure and simple joy.  I long for that. Yes, I get it; grown-up-ness comes hand in hand with tons of responsibilities and commitments that capture our time and resources.  Nevertheless, If I could retrieve something from my past it would definitely be the innocence of mind and the un-shelled heart, which allowed me to just smile and laugh at the meekest of things.

Pardon the quality - Pix taken by myself with my non-state-of-the-art cell

This past weekend I went to the skating rink with my children.  Roller skating was definitely one of my favorite activities as a kid.  I use to spend much time skating around the block along with my childhood BFF Marlin.  It made me happy.  Last Saturday I tried roller blading instead; a little intimidating at first, but really easier than its predecessor.  Despite the fact that my feet hurt from the grip of the blades, I was able to really enjoy myself.  The kids had fun too.  You know, a little fun goes a long way in the way of unwinding; most importantly, it helps build the moments we will cherish forever.

Now, borrowing from fellow blogger Phil Echols and his site 2 Words: Become Better, sometimes in life we just need to Choose Happiness.  Phil recently did a series of posts on how to integrate a little fun into ones life.  He suggested Mini Golf, Go Karts, and Playing Jenga.  Below is a list of fun activities that I would enjoy doing more of and would love to find a way to incorporate into my Bucket List and my life:

  • Rollerblading
  • Bowling
  • Playing Pool
  • Ice Skating
  • Riding a Bicycle
  • Flying a Kite

How about you; are there fun activities you have neglected and would love to retake?  Also, do you prefer Roller Skating or Roller Blading?


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  1. When we went roller skating back in February, we had a blast! But I never have gotten the hang of roller blading. And it takes a lot more energy to roller skate than I remember!

    • Hi Jessica, Roller blading seems intimidating at first, but once you get used to the in line wheels it is actually easier than roller skating.

  2. Great!…First I never did Roller skating or Roller blading in my life, I was to scare for that and my mom was too. But I would love to play Jacks again…did u remember that one, with the little bouncing ball? and also riding a bike. I like bowling too, but you know my nails are long so don’t even think about it…well my friend “Recordar es VIVIR” and if you want to keep enjoying Life… WE definitely needs to have some FuN!

    • Wow, you are so right about Jacks! We should have a ladies night and organize a game of jacks 🙂 To tell you the truth I always felt intimidated about playing Jacks ’cause I never got really good at it. But I liked it nonetheless.

  3. Omg Caro! Remember when we used to rollerblade!! Those were the good days!! I really miss those days when our only worries were passing our finals with good grade to the point that we wouldn’t go to sleep studying!! We have shared so much together and I will never forget that! I love you!!


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