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Progress Report:

It’s been about 2 months since I typed my Bucket List, committed to it, and started blogging about it.  Although, I have not made astonishing accomplishments, I feel that I have come a long way from my pre-bucket-list days.  First of all, I am committed to pursuing these goals, just  having the list in writing and published makes me feel very accountable, not only to others but to myself.  Second, being able to see the list has allowed me to make more sense out of it, and at the same time believe that I can achieve these objectives; seeing it in writing makes it seem less unreachable somehow.  Third, visiting other bloggers that have their own lists of goals has been very encouraging to say the least; and I have gotten many good ideas from my readers – Thank You!  Above all, I would say the best thing about this process has been a definite shift in my attitude,  and a frequent feeling of happiness.  Below I will list a few tangible outcomes as a progress report:

On #5 Growing in Faith
This was the first of my ongoing goals that I dissected in order to better define a course of action that is tangible and achievable.  I identified 5 basic steps I can commit to in order to move towards this goal.  So far I have been praying everyday; however, I need a lot more work in that area.  My prayers have been short and superficial so far. Went to church last night, as planned, and was more attentive to the sermon; I even got there on time to give my offering.  This morning I read the Bible and shared a bit of it with my kids. 

On #8 Throwing Myself a Super Fun Birthday Party

Pezuzu's sketch for my bday cake!

The date is approaching fast (about 2 weeks ahead).  Luckily there are only a few items left to take care of, and I need to stop procrastinating on those! I am very thankful for my friend Leona who has helped me plan (and re-plan) this party.  

I still need to call the owner of the location to finalize a few details, figure out the whole music and sound system situation, plus a couple other things. 

On # 11 Completing my Bachelor’s Degree
 I have chosen to start working towards this goal next.  So far, I have gotten reinstated as a current student; I registered for one Summer class, which will also be beneficial in achieving goal #20 of my list because it is a Literature class; got permission from the boss to tweak my office schedule in order to accommodate this class into my lunch hour.   Also, I created a sub page, called #11 Bachelor’s Degree, to track this goal.  On that page I give further details of why this is important to me;  and I am keeping track of credits completed.


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  1. Happy upcoming Birthday! Can you ship a piece of cake to California 😉

  2. I definitely am with you on being held accountable by just talking about your goals publicly. Keep at it!

  3. That cake looks incredible! I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s finally finished!

  4. I can’t wait to make this cake!! It will be made with much love.


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