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Plans for my Birthday Bash are well underway.  The last Saturday of this month, God willing,  I will be having a blast accomplishing  item number 8 of my bucket list.   I can’t believe that I finally put together my list; moreover, I am very excited about how close I am to crossing off the first item I chose to tackle.  Also, I have identified certain items on my list that will be ongoing goals, and have started to further define those in order to make them more measurable and achievable. 

Now, I think is time to choose my next victim, the next goal to work towards once the Birthday Bash is completed.  I have thought about a few items, and I will enumerate them in the order they appear on my bucket list:

# 1 Learning a third language:  One of my close friends suggested that she would like to study Portuguese and that we should take classes together.  My language of choice is a toss between Portuguese and Italian.  I figure, since visiting Rio is also on my list, that Portuguese would be a very good choice.  Another reason for choosing this goal to tackle next is that I expect it to be a lengthy process to actually reach fluency so the sooner I start on it the better.  I have yet to research availability and price range of Portuguese classes in the area.

#10 Learning to Swim: Well, this has been a desire of mine as far back as my childhood.  Although I was born in an Island, I grew up inland.  The closest beach was a little less than 2 hours away by car.  On top of that, my mother was terrified of the water so, in the rare occasions when I went to the beach or a swimming pool, her instructions were not to go in any deeper than my knees.  I am afraid of the water as well, but I would love to get over that because I love the beach.  Since Summer is nearing, I thought this would be a good one to work on.

#11 Completing my Bachelor degree:  I have an Associate degree and some extra credits towards a Bachelor.  One of my benefits at work is taking 1-2 university classes per semester, tuition free.  In the four years in which I have had this benefit I have only completed 3 classes.  Not impressive I know.  There have been times when I have enrolled in other classes but ended up dropping them.  Let’s just say being a working single parent is time-consuming on its own without adding college courses to the concoction.  Nonetheless, I really want to complete my Bachelor. My reasoning behind choosing this one to work on: Summer semester is a lot shorter; within a month and a few days I will have added 3 credits to my name.  The pace at work is slower during this time too so it won’t be as stressful. The course I am interested in is actually a Literature course which will also count towards goal #20 on my list Becoming an accomplished writer.  Timing is perfect as classes begin a few days after the birthday party, so done with the first one and on to the next.

#23 Getting Organized: Well this one is pretty much an ASAP kind of deal.  Simply put, it would do a great deal for me in many levels and it would probably aid in accomplishing the rest of my goals.  In reality, this is a comprehensive goal and it will need to be broken down further.

It’s funny how putting things in writing make them appear a bit clearer.  I am leaning towards working on #11 Completing my Bachelor degree next. What do you think?


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  1. I also don’t know how to swim, not really. Part of conquering my fear of water will be to learn to swim. Good luck with this one!

  2. Finishing up my degree is also on my list. It’s scary to think of me taking classes after I’ve been out of school for so long, but it’s something I really want to do. Italian is a fun language to learn, I’ve taught myself the basics. It’s rather easy to understand.

    • Hi Elle, It is scary going back to school. I find the age difference rather intimidating (I’m 34 and most other students at this university are between 18 and 22). I am feeling proud of myself after enrolling for one class. Baby steps – my new motto. I love how Italian language flows and I understand many words since it is similar to Spanish, in which I am fluent. Like I said it is a toss between Portuguese and Italian; who knows, maybe I’ll get ambitious about this and study them both.

  3. Erica Hanson

    I say DO IT!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Erica. I already got myself reinstated as a current student (I hadn’t taken a class in over a year). It looks like I will be able to take a Studies in Narrative class. Need to talk to the boss for the final ok; it would be sort of an extended lunchtime thing. Crossing my fingers.

  4. You goooo GIRL….I think that completing your bachelor degree its a GRRRREAT Idea!!!

    • I thought you might say that 🙂 Thanks for your support. You know this means Im going to need lots of help with homework during the month of June right?

  5. Most definitely..go for it! Summer and Winter courses are the best…they are short and involve less work…plus it’s best to take the classes when you don’t have to worry about your kids’ homework on top of yours:0)


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