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…On Things to Let Go
Since I have been working on this blog I have given much thought to the goals I want to include on my bucket list.  Recently I have had an opposing thought.  What about a list of things not to do?  Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves, and so much of our effort and energy goes toward tasks of little or null value.  My proposition to myself:  identify the useless should haves, would haves, could haves weighing me down and put them all in my list of things not to do.  Heading the race for spot #1 on that list is Getting a Liposuction. 

P.S.  I have made a new page titled K&A Blog where my kids will be able to post their creations.  They would love to receive some feedback so please click on it and comment.


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  1. Like this list. Very good idea. Important to be mindful of things that can derail the best of plans.

    Not to be superwoman is a great one !

  2. #2) Don’t Swim with Dolphins! 🙂

    • Thanks Steven this is a great one for my Not To Do List! I know many people have swiming with dolphins on their Bucket Lists and at first glance it sounds very tempting. However, I have read about all the reasons not to do it and I am sold – I won’t be swiming with dolphins. I like the information you have on your blog about this issue and I encourage my visitors to read on it :

  3. I don’t have an official “Not to Do” list but I always say “Don’t get arrested” is up there. Interestingly, it’s actually on the 101 Things to Do Before You Die list in the book, but I have no interest in ever accomplishing that!


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