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Let Them Eat Cake

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Ok, so I am a  bit scattered brain at the moment, but trying to steer my focus back towards planning my birthday bash, which is the first task I chose to tackle from my bucket list.  Judging from the results of the Location, Location, Location poll which was part of my last post, the location for the party will be kept as is : The almost perfect site, which closes at midnight, with an after party to follow at my place. 

In order to have alcohol served at this site (read cash bar) I need to use a particular caterer; although, they do allow food to be served by a company of your own choosing.  To keep things less complicated I have asked the same caterer for a menu and quote.  I have used this company at work events before and they offer good service.  I am just hoping for an affordable tab to go with it. 

There are a few other party planning  details  I could use some input in:

  • My guest list consists of about 65 adults and 15 kids;

    Pezuzu's Chocoloate Mousse cake

    what should my budget be?  Keep in mind the location is offered to me free of charge.

  • I’m not ready to send out invitations yet.  Should I send out some sort of Save the Date message?
  • I am a cake freak, seriously.  I can’t decide which type of cake I want because I want more than 5 different ones, my top choices being chocolate mousse cake, strawberry shortcake, tres leches cake, red velvet cake, and pina colada cake.  Of course, my friend Pezuzu can make wonders out of any and all cakes (click on his name or on the picture of the cake to see his awesome creations).  I was thinking perhaps instead of a big cake I should have individual servings of a few different cakes in the form of cupcakes and/or cup servings.  What do you think?

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  1. Rocina Precious

    This is great!!! I can’t say too much about the logistics(i.e. budget) but I can definitely give my input on the CAKE 🙂 I’m thinking a 5-tier cupcake display with about 5 different flavors of you favorite cupcake. These hold about 50 cupcakes, so maybe two would be better. Then the birthday girl (YOU 🙂 should have an individual cake just for you that is your most favorite flavor, chocolate mouse or red velvet, which ever makes your heart melt into sweet places.

    If your not ready to send out an invitation, go ahead and send out a “Save the Date” so people know that you have something fun in store.

    P.S. Love how things are unfolding!!!

  2. I do like the 5 smaller cakes so you don’t actually have to decide. And with 65+ people you’ll need plenty of cake! And I vote that you send out “Save the Dates”

  3. you should have Pezuzu do a tier cake with the different flavors. of course it will be the bomb in both taste and decoration. so go for it

  4. Carola,

    This is YOUR party! If you want 5 smaller cakes, go for it! With [potentially 80 people there, you are going to need 5!

    You know I will be there with camera in hand so plan on the photography taken care of it you want me to take pics.

    Love ya!

    • Sounds Great!!! Any excuse to have more cake 😉 You know I love your pictures, and the truth of the matter is I don’t even own a camera so your photography skills will be welcomed.


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