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So I have picked, and started to work on, the first item that I will tackle from my bucket list .  The chosen task was “Throwing Myself a Super-Fun Birthday Party”.  I thought this would be a good one to start with because of the timing (and of course because it is a fun, and I hope not overly complicated project). 

I have dedicated a sub-page to this task.  You may vist my Birthday Bash page to follow the progress I make, as well as give me pointers. Your help will come in handy in making certain choices.  Here is my first dilemma: The location reserved for the party is almost perfect (keyword almost).  It has a good layout, adecuate size, surroundings are pleasant to the eye, plenty of parking space, it even includes a separate space where kids may be entertained while adults are at the party; and I saved the best for last – It is availabe to me at no cost, yes it is FREE!  So what is the bad part you may ask.  Well dear bloggers, this almost perfect space is only available until midnight.  Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal if my guests were more like yours trully, whom goes to bed by 10pm on most nights.  However, many of my friends are experienced “all-nighters”.  Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt me to play the party animal for once.  After all, the task at hand is “Throwing Myself a Super-Fun Birthday Party”. 

So what would you do?

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  1. I threw an awesome roller skating party for my husband in February but the rink was only open until 10 so we just came back to our house after and kept the party going-we had a blast!


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